Large Munsterlander, Gracie, Großer Münsterländer,

The purpose of this page is to show off the many pictures and short video clips of “Gracie” my Large Munsterlander bitch puppy in her first year.

She is being trained to eventually work with hawks, and her first year will really be about growing up, enjoying life and understanding the basics of what will be expected of her in her future working life.

She is from the Raycris kennels, who are well established and very successful breeders of working and show Munsterlanders here in the United Kingdom.

My first Munsterlander came from the Raycris Kennels and I was delighted with her. I named her “Siouxzee” and she worked with a trained male Golden Eagle, Red-tail hawks and Goshawks. She was a natural falconry dog and I look forward to being back in the field with hawk on the hand and my dog looking for the game.

Gracie was born on the 18th. September 2011 and her mother is Sh.Ch. Raycris Special Quest who lives with Caz Trowsdale who owns Cazooska Large Munsterlanders in Hampshire. Her father lives in Germany and is a stunning looking Munsterlander with a wonderful temperament and is called Boss von Bätjers-Braake.

Munsterlander, Boss von Bätjers-BraakeSh.Ch. Raycris Special Quest

I am so grateful to both the Raycris Kennels for producing such excellent Large Munsterlanders and also to Caz Trowsdale for rearing such a wonderful sound puppy that Gracie is.

Gracie’s father Boss von Batjers-Braake is a German dog that resides in the Westphalia region of Germany. He is a top stud dog having succeeded in many working tests. He also has some success in the show ring proving he is true to type and German Standard.

Gracie’s Mum is a British Show Champion and a beautiful bitch. Her pedigree ranks ancestors from some exceptional German kennels. Her Grandmother Ch. Questa von St vit at Raycris was imported from the St.Vit Kennels of Karl Wichmann.
She was bred from a pairing of Karl’s Karim von St Vit to Illo vom Bergwald who belonged to my friend and fellow falconer Günther Adam. Günther established his kennel “from the mountain forest” in 1993 and produced many really great Große Münsterländers.

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Alison Powell Art
A wonderful pencil drawing of Gracie by Alison Powell Art.
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Well it five years now and Gracie has developed into a really good companion and working dog. To celebrate this moment in time I commissioned the digital image below from Alex Benn of Foxer Cards.
Gracie Alex Benn digital artist
Large Munsterlander Rescue. Large Munsterlander Rescue

Working with a Large Munsterlander gives me such great joy, as they are such enthusiastic and full of life dogs. Munsterlanders enjoy doing what they were bred for and are very loyal dogs.
It is because of this wonderful temperament that I am such an avid supporter of a band of individuals who selflessly give up much of their lives to rescue and care for those Large Munsterlanders that for one reason or another need a new home.

Thankfully all breeds have a few selfless people that do the breed rescue, they are not driven by competitive or egotistical reasons they are purely there “For the Dogs”.

As always these rescue groups need continued support as their task is ever ongoing. The Large Munsterlander Rescue has a website and you can help in many ways through the site. Also they have a Facebook auction page where many and varied items are generously given and auctioned for funds.

If you love Munsters you should support Large Munsterlander Rescue.